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New Heights With Jason & Travis Kelce Is A Must-Watch

New Heights Jason and Travis Kelce

Scott Logush

Sports Editor

Not all former players have the ability to break down the game they played both accurately and be entertaining. The Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis, are doing just that with their show “New Heights,” which is a must-watch.

They also love poking fun at themselves for stuff they have done in their NFL careers, here’s them breaking down Derwin James absolutely stonewalling Travis in primetime.

Or when discussing the most challenging position to play in the NFL, Jason makes an excellent point. One of the things lost on football Twitter and in the media is offensive line talking. More specifically, accurate offensive line talk. One of those facts is that offensive line coaches are hands down the best and funniest in the business. Jason shares some great stories that make you just want to laugh.

One of my favourites is them talking about the butt punt, butt fumble, and Jason’s own butt snap. They just find ways to make things funny, while also being accurate and smart with everything they say. They provide a unique perspective on the NFL and I’m 100% here for it.

Their show New Heights releases every week on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and on their own Youtube Channel, along with a Twitter account to showcase great clips. It’s an absolute must-watch if you enjoy football and the banter that goes along with it.

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