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Yankee Thankee – What Matters Most From NFL’s Thanksgiving Games in 2023

NFL Thanksgiving Takeaways

Scott Logush


Thanksgiving is a time to rest and recharge while spending time with loved ones, or just another Thursday for those who are not American, and to watch a lot of football. Between the Thursday Tripleheader, Black Friday game, and the usual Sunday slate, what matters most from what we saw between the food comas?

The Good

Pittsburgh Comes Alive

Although they only scored 16 points in their victory, it looks like there’s a spark of life in Pittsburgh after the Matt Canada firing. Pickett played his best game of the season by far, and arguably the best game of his career! Pickett tallied four big-time throws and should have had a touchdown toss in the victory as well. The offense gained over 400 yards of total offense, something they never did once with Matt Canada as the offensive coordinator. It can not be a coincidence that Pickett and the offense looked the best it ever had immediately after Canada was fired. This was a clear case of addition by subtraction, Pittsburgh got this move right.

The Bad

Josh Allen Must Be Superman

Josh Allen has to be Superman for Buffalo to have a chance, and even then it’s not enough. Allen had likely his best game of the year against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. He threw for over 300 yards, a pair of touchdowns, and led the team in rushing while also scoring with his legs. The team made it to overtime and scored a field goal, then still lost. Allen did everything he could, he played as well as he could and Buffalo still lost. If you think Josh Allen is a problem, you need to reevaluate how you judge football.

The Ugly

Welcome to Williams Watch New England!

Rock-bottom has a basement in New England as more poor quarterback play leads to another loss where the defense played out of their minds. Allowing only 10 points should be an instant victory, but not in New England where the offense has been lost since 2021. Mac Jones continues to play his way out of a job, and if this keeps up New England will be drafting a quarterback incredibly early in the 2024 NFL Draft. They have not only officially entered the Williams Watch tier, but are the worst team in the NFL and I do not think it is even close.

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