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What’s The Deal With Brady?

Dan McGowan

Sports Editor

There has been a considerable amount of controversy surrounding the famous NFL superstar, Tom Brady for the past month. With conuntless theories, rumors, insights that seem to show Brady having off field troubles as he goes into playing his 22nd NFL season. But what do we really know about Brady’s ongoing drama fest? In early March, The GOAT shocked the league with an unexpected retirement after 21 historic years with the Patriots and Buccaneers. The end of an era was finally upon us, as many people praised the legacy of Tom Brady and could humbley see him call it quits to an incredible career. But only 45 days later he returned to the league saying he had “unfinished business”, looking for one more run for his potential 8th Super Bowl ring. But since his sudden decision to return, there have been countless situations where Tom has shown strange emotions and unusual behavior.

The Start Of It All

In the beginning of August as preseason games were underway and the 2022 season was in production, Brady stepped away from the Buccaneers for 11 days due to what he described as “personal issues”. A surprising move as he is known to be in the full swing and grind of things as soon as football knocks on the door. With Brady’s well known competitive nature and hard work ethic, the sudden decision to step away for the time being was unusual on his part. Rumors skyrocketed social media and the web, as people tried to break down the situation to a reason on why Tom would suddenly take time to himself. People speculated it was an issue with his mother, who has had a history of cancer diagnoses which led to time being spent with the family. As that was proven later on to not be the case. After Brady finally returned after a long aways, the press had immediate questions for the Buccaneers Quarterback on why he stepped away for so long. When asked for the reasons behind his decision to take some personal time the star player said “I’m 45 years old man there’s a lot of s***t going on”. This of course brought up a lot of speculation on what he entirely meant by that statement. 

Troubles in Paradise

Since that press conference response, the most ongoing storyline is issues revolving around his 13 year marriage with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. As these two have gained a lot of unwanted attention for their unusual relationship situation. Stories have surfaced in the recent weeks that the two lovers have had a long going fight which led to Gisele leaving Tom and their three children to fly out to the Bahamas for some “time apart”. Brady has not addressed these stories, as he looks to focus his attention on football and the responsibilities he has placed for the next 4 months. The reasons behind the arguments between the couple has been said via sources like Page Six to be from Brady’s shocking decision to suddenly return to football after addressing a retirement a month before. Insights like Page Six have spoken on the controversial relationship by saying “Gisele has always been one for the kids, they agreed that he’d retire to focus on the family but he changed his mind.” As the season goes on, it should be expected that all the pieces of the puzzle will come together, to really address Brady’s off field drama.

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