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Weekly Bri: Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but there is still time to come up with something great for the person or people you love. Unless you are able to run out to the store, you might have to get crafty and make a DIY gift. Everyone knows that homemade gifts are the best.

Happy DIY-ing and let us know if you try any of these out!

Write them “open when” love letters

This is the gift that keeps on giving, and you can write them notes to open when they miss, when they are stressed, when it’s their birthday, etc. 

Make them chocolate covered strawberries

This one is self explanatory. Who doesn’t love a good, chocolate covered strawberry in all its glory? Bonus points if you add pink sprinkles.

Make them a scrapbook

Even if you aren’t super crafty, it’s the thought that counts. Gather all your favorite photos together and put them in a scrapbook as a super cute keepsake. 

Decorate a mason jar and put candy in it

Mason jars are very cheap, and can be found almost anywhere. You can decorate it with paint with their favorite colors and write some sweet on it. Add their favorite candy in the jar and you are good to go.

Date night jar

Put a bunch of date night ideas into a mason jar and the next time you two are looking to go on a date, it’s already decided. 

Make them a sugar scrub

Self-care is all the rage, and lucky for you, sugar scrubs are super simple to make. Click here to see how to make a strawberry scrub.

Memory jar

This is a super thoughtful, and a gift they are bound to love. Look back at all your favorite memories, place them in a jar, and once they open the jar you two can look back on all your memories together.