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Karley Rhuda

Staff Writer ‘25 

If you take a look at foods that are in your pantry, you are almost sure to find harmful additives within the ingredient list. Additives are used to enhance flavor, color, and the overall look of foods. However, some additives are much more unhealthy than others, and here are some you should try to steer clear of: artificial food coloring is used to enhance the colors of certain foods and drinks, however, in high amounts, food dye has been known to cause allergic reactions in many people and have had negative health effects in general. The most common forms of dye are Blue 1 and Red 40. High fructose corn syrup is another additive used in many different foods across the board. High fructose corn syrup is made up of the simple sugar fructose, which can be detrimental to one’s health when consumed in high amounts. It can cause an overall increase in blood sugar levels, which leads to an increase in body fat. High fructose corn syrup is normally found in sodas and sugary cereals, so try to steer away from it whenever possible. Overall, these types of additives are almost always found in all processed foods. Therefore, when going to eat a snack or a meal, use your best judgment based on the ingredient list, and try your best to stay away from these certain additives.