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Opinion: Top 10 Pizza Places Near Merrimack College

Matthew Cavoli 

Here are my top 10 favorite pizza places I’ve tried near Merrimack College: 

10. Dominos

Dominos pizza is nothing special. The pizza is cheap and the restaurant delivers to Merrimack until 1am. That’s the only reason why it makes my list.

9. Captain Pizza

If this was a list for subs, sandwiches, and calzones, Captain Pizza would be on top. Although in the pizza category Captains is nothing to brag about. Their service is slow and the pizza isn’t amazing. I do recommend going here if you want a calzone or sub. 

8. Mr. Takeout

Good pizza, great sandwiches, and even better service. Mr. Takeout is a great place to order food from. You can use your Mack bucks and get really good food. 

7. Sal’s

Good quality pizza, that’s what Sal’s is all about. It’s not the best in town but it’s still very good. It’s close to school and has a good pizza menu. 

6. Pizza Factory

Similar to Sals, Pizza factory has good quality pizza. The crust is crispy and the pizza is a good amount of greasy. I would definitely recommend going here.

5. Bertucci’s

I’m not a huge Bertucci’s fan, although their pizza is very good. It comes out steaming hot and the pie itself is huge. The sauce and cheese is my favorite part. If you’re really hungry for pizza, definitely go to Bertuccis.

4. Tripoli

The pizza has an acquired sweet taste. If you’re into that, then you’ll love Tripoli. 

The pizza is cut into rectangle/square pieces and the heavy sauce melts in your mouth. It’s definitely my go to pizza place around school, especially because you can use Mack bucks. 

3. Culpeppers Pub and Grill

Pizza, beer, and sports, nothing is better than that. Jimmy Culpepers Pub and Grill is all about that. They have an amazing sports atmosphere and incredible pizza. The menu is Boston themed and each pizza is named after someone famous. The pizza comes out very hot with a crispy crust and amazing sauce and cheese. I would definitely recommend going here for a sports game.

2. Stachey’s

The most famous pizza in town, Stacheys pizza is located at East Mill in North Andover. Their sweet pizza is to die for according to their satisfied customers. They have a great menu and amazing food. 

1. Pazzo Pizza Co.

The fancy atmosphere and the street front location in downtown andover makes Pazzo a great place to go. Pazzo has incredible Italian food and the pizza is what they do best. The spices on the crust and the thick cheese makes the perfect slice of pizza. For a sit down meal or take out pizza, Pazzo is the best place to go.