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Senior Send Off

Writer/Photo Editor Margaux Lestage

Senior Send Off 

Four years have come and gone here at Merrimack College. So much has changed since I first came here, some good, some bad, and some unforeseeable. I was an eager freshman, ready to become the person I was meant to be. 

During my time at Merrimack, I was the film club’s president, the photo editor for the Beacon, hosted a radio show for WMCK, was the treasurer for DREAM, I joined student government and so much more. I was part of Austin Scholars, a residential advisor, and interned for the O’Brien Center. I have definitely made my mark here at Merrimack but also Merrimack has left a mark on me. 

Though my time here at Merrimack was not what I expected because of a global pandemic, my time here shaped me to be the person I am today. My teachers, faculty members, friends and family have guided me through these four years to make sure I lived fully the last four years so I regret nothing when I graduate. 

The last couple of months I have felt more and more ready to leave and start my next chapter. However, the closer I get to walking across that stage I get anxious knowing I am leaving this place that has been my home and stability these last four years. Everyday here was not perfect or great and many times I complained but there were days I never wanted to end and people who I never wanted to say goodbye to. 

I hate change so not knowing what’s to come next is scary but I know the people here have prepared me and are also always willing to help down the line. There is a lot of change that has happened and will happen. I am grateful for the time I have spent here, the memories I have made, and, most importantly, the people who I met here. 

Many seniors now might be feeling entirely different than me. Some might be fully ready, others not ready at all and some are like me stuck in the middle of these two emotions. But I know that we are ready to make a mark in the world, whatever that path may be. 

We are warriors and we always will be warriors. Our journey to this point is different from many college graduates but we have to come to this incredible accomplishment. So I want to be the first to tell the class of 2023 congratulations on graduating. For people who are graduating next year, remember that it goes by fast… so enjoy every second of it.