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CFL & Pro Football Focus Announce Partnership

PFF & CFL Partnership

Scott Logush

Associate Editor

The Canadian Football League and data analytics company Pro Football Focus have announced a partnership that will bring exclusive access to PFF’s comprehensive database and give CFL team insights they have never had before. This was a partnership that PFF had been looking toward for many years now, according to PFF’s GM of Football Rick Drummond.

We’ve looked forward to working with the CFL for many years and are very happy to finally make that a reality beginning with the 2023 season. Tailoring PFF’s data systems and tools to the intricacies of the CFL game has made for an enjoyable set of challenges for us, and we can’t wait to put it all into action. We are excited for PFF to become a part of the CFL’s story as they add to their long and successful tradition in the coming years.

PFF’s GM of Football, Rich Drummond, per PFF.com

CFL teams can expect the same benefits as NFL and NCAA teams receive, according to PFF’s Business Development Manager Josh Wisneski.

This league-wide partnership gives all CFL clubs and the league office the same benefits NFL teams and FBS programs have been used to for years. The impact on team operations has been huge, with an NFL front office saying PFF saved 10,000-plus hours during a single year’s draft process and coaching staffs consistently mentioning the tens of hours they save every week. As we’ve seen in the FBS and now with FCS programs, PFF’s tools can have an even greater impact with smaller staffs.

PFF’s Business Development Manager Josh Wisneski, per PFF.com

PFF will also be creating CFL-focused content, stemming from teams of the week, CFL player grades, and expert rankings and analysis.

From the CFL’s perspective, this partnership was directed at improving the overall product on the field.

Partnering with Pro Football Focus allows our league to better understand its drivers of play. We’re removing the microfocus on the individual and taking a long view to look at the bigger picture. We’re quantifying how each role and every action contributes to an overall outcome being achieved. This partnership is about providing our teams and coaching staffs with a powerful tool that will revolutionize how they operate and prepare, ultimately leading to a stronger CFL product and more incredible performances on the field.

– The CFL’s Chief Football Operations Officer and Head of Grey Cup & Events Greg Dick, per CFL.ca.

The partnership is something that will increase CFL exposure greatly, as well as benefit the staff of all nine CFL franchises. From the time it will save various teams in evaluations, to allowing the general fan to become better informed of how CFL players are playing, this is a collaboration that looks to be bright for both parties.

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