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Pete’s Christmas Review

Cole Cameron 23’

Are you looking for a great holiday movie just in time for Christmas? Yes? Well, look no further, Pete’s Christmas is the perfect Christmas movie for you.

Pete’s Christmas is a 2013 Canadian film that stars none other than Zachary Gordon, who was also the lead actor for the Diary of A Wimpy Kid movies. With such talent, it is hard to believe that this movie is so overlooked.

Pete’s Christmas is about a teen, Pete, waking up to a disastrous Christmas. His parents forget about getting him a present, giving the telescope that he wanted to Pete’s younger brother. Not only that, but he embarrasses himself in front of his new next door neighbor crush, loses the big holiday football game, and gets blamed for a power outage, causing his family to eat at a diner for their holiday dinner and all of them getting food poisoning. 

Wow, what a terrible Christmas! When he wakes up the next day, he learns that he has to experience the exact same day all over again.

In a Groundhog Day-esque predicament, Pete has to navigate his repeating Christmases as he tries to make Christmas not only special for himself, but to attempt to bring the Christmas spirit to everyone.

Pete’s Christmas is a heart-warming story that sheds light on the everlasting ideals of selflessness, family, and reconciliation during this magical season.