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NFL 2022 Week 4 Takeaways: Pickett Time, Cooper Rush, Vegas Lives On, Rams Run Over?

Scott Logush

Sports Editor

Week 4 of the 2022 NFL Season proved to be exciting and continued to paint the picture of which teams are here to play and which ones are simply treading water.

The Tua Situation

Well it happened, and Tua suffered a very scary brain injury. He has already been ruled out for week five against the Jets. There is an ongoing investigation into what actually happened during the Buffalo Bills game, and the independent doctor has been fired. The protocol is being reviewed and changes will be made, overall it was an absolutely mess and Tua got the worst of it.

Kenny Pickett Time:

The Pittsburgh Steelers are making the switch to Kenny Pickett. Not a single one of his passes hit the ground against the Jets, but three ended up in the hands of New York defenders. Although those three interceptions may not have been entirely Pickett’s fault, two of them simply have to receive negative grades from me. Pickett is about to be baptized by an inferno, playing against the Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins and Eagles before the bye week. Good luck Kenny.

Cooper Rush Can Ball?

The Dallas Cowboys have kept their season alive with Cooper Rush being just decent enough to avoid major mistakes. This is still Dak Prescott’s team, and Rush has proven himself to be a fine backup but nothing more.

Vegas Lives On

The Las Vegas Raiders beat the Denver Broncos at their best, so far. It was an exciting game to watch and has kept the Raiders alive for now.

The Lions Are Fun To Watch

The Detroit Lions have given fun and exciting games this season against all of their opponents. Jared Goff and Geno Smith combined for 93 points, and there was never a dull moment in this game. The Lions have the best scoring offense and the worst scoring defense, they gave us a great game this week and I have them on my must watch list for the rest of the season.

Packers Problems

I came out of this win feeling very worried about the Packers. As of now their 2022 draft class is a complete failure. They needed high impact players given the age of their quarterback and the stage of their roster. Right now they have two rookie receivers who haven’t been getting it done, a backup defensive linemen taken in the first round, and a linebacker who is meh at best. I feel sorry for Aaron Rodgers.

Bills Comeback

The Buffalo Bills showed an ability to finish close games that they lacked for a long time. It was fueled by a questionable fourth down call by Baltimore, but they still got the job done and deserve credit for that.

Rams Look Lost

The Los Angeles Rams just look lost this season. Their offensive line has deteriorated and so has their offense, the lack of depth that worried me coming into the season is helping torpedo this team. The 49ers usually give the Rams a tough time, but this was just brutal.