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Mack for Ukraine

Matthew Cavoli
Staff Writer

As best said from Lionel Richie’s 1985 hit song, “We Are The World”: “There comes a time/when we heed a certain call/when the world must come together as one”. To the Merrimack College community, we are being called upon to help make a difference. Innocent people are dying every day due to the horrific war going on in Ukraine. Russia declared war on their neighboring country beginning weeks ago and has since killed thousands of helpless and innocent Ukrainian people, many of them being young children.
Hate has no place in our world and we must do something to help the people of Ukraine during the scary time of war.

Merrimack senior Aleksander Gropman, has partnered with multiple clubs and students to help raise money and send care packages to Ukraine. Their mission is called “Mack for Ukraine.” They have already raised over $500 and have collected a great amount of donations for the care packages.
All of these donations will go to the Red Cross and Sun Flower of Peace organizations. This is your opportunity to answer the call and help the Ukrainian people out. We must come together and do our part to help out these suffering people. Mack for Ukraine is asking for money donations along with donations for the care packages. That includes but is not limited to, old or new clothes, blankets, toys, sanitary products, towels, sleeping bags, non perishables, first aid kits/supplies, and flashlights. You can drop off these donations to the table located in the Sakowich Campus Center.

All donations are very much appreciated, big or small; It will make a difference. If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved please contact Aleksander at (617) 455-2601. Merrimack, the world is calling on you and this is your opportunity to help make a difference, please consider donating and/or getting involved in any way you can. Ukraine needs you.