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Everwood Day Camp Offers Summer Job of a Lifetime

Matthew Cavoli

Attention Merrimack students! What are your plans for this upcoming summer? If you’re looking to work, earn money, have fun, and make friendships that will last a lifetime, then I’ve found you the perfect place. Everwood Day Camp, which is located in Sharon, MA is looking for college students, like yourself, to work at their camp this summer. If you are located in the Greater Boston or South of Boston area I strongly suggest you consider applying. 

As an Everwood staff member, you can work in many different positions. They have camp counselors, lifeguards, specialist teachers, maintenance crew, and the leadership team.

As a counselor, you’ll work with a group of 15-20 kids with 1 or 2 other counselors. The campers are ages 4-15. Lifeguards will patrol the camp’s huge lake and pools. Everwood also offers lifeguard certification classes. A specialist is someone who runs specific activities (such as sports, arts, dance, music, paddle boarding etc.) The maintenance team helps keep the Everwood camp running by cleaning and fixing things around the area. The leadership team are teachers or soon to be teachers, are those who oversee the campers and counselors. Go on schoolspring to check out the full job listings. 

A typical schedule at Everwood is made up of different periods in which you and your group do some of the 60 different activities that the camp has to offer. These activities include Adventure, Nature, Science, Creative and Performing Arts, Sports, and Aquatics. Everyday is also a different special event in which you and your group will participate in some sort of game/challenge. Some of these include tug of war in a pit of jello, egg drop, capture the flag, and so much more. 

Everwood is located right on Lake Massapoag, therefore everyday at camp you get to go in the beautiful lake. There’s free swim along with an endless amount of water activities such as boating, sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing/kayaking etc.

Being a part of the Everwood staff is truly amazing, you’ll make lifelong friendships with other counselors and the memories that are made with the campers will be remembered forever.

Everwood Day Camp is more than just a summer camp, it’s a home away from home for the campers and counselors who go there. The minute you join the Everwood staff you become a part of the Everwood family. I have been at this camp for five years now, and I have more and more fun every summer I’m there. It’s honestly the best summer job ever! 

From one Merrimack student to another I STRONGLY suggest you consider applying. There’s no doubt in my mind you would have an amazing summer. Also Everwood provides transportation for their campers and counselors if needed.

To apply go to the Everwood website or search Everwood day camp on schoolspring.


For any questions, please contact info@everwooddaycamp.com.