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Brian Gutekunst Must Be Fired

Brian Gutekunst

Scott Logush

Sports Editor

Although the Green Bay Packers pulled off a crucial win against the Dallas Cowboys to keep their season alive, their loss to the Tennessee Titans exposed the multiple flaws that are holding this roster back from becoming true contenders. The moves made by current general manager Brian Gutekunst in recent years are questionable at best, and are why the Packers have been unable to capitalize on the elite play of Aaron Rodgers.

In 2020, the Packers spent their first three picks on Jordan Love, AJ Dillon, and Josiah Deguara. A quarterback, running back, and blocking tight end. Jordan Love has barely played two games, AJ Dillon is a good running back but the Packers resigned Aaron Jones to big money which makes the Dillon pick near irrelevant. Josiah Deguara hasn’t done anything of note, is the third-string tight end at best this season, and barely has over 300 receiving yards in three seasons. Whiff city right there.

Then in 2021, The first three picks were cornerback Eric Stokes, center Josh Myers, and wide receiver Amari Rodgers. Stokes has been a solid corner, Myers is meh at best and Creed Humphrey was taken immediately after and has clearly been the better player. Amari Rodgers just got cut for being unable to catch a punt without fumbling it. Not quite whiff city, but not exactly good either.

Then 2022, which has started to look better but is still disappointing. Even if we do not take into account the move to get rid of Davante Adams, who was the best receiver in the league with Rodgers, this draft is kind of disappointing. Green Bay spent their first three picks on linebacker Quay Walker, defensive lineman Devonte Wyatt, and wide receiver Christian Watson. Walker is near unplayable right now, and Wyatt has 96 snaps in ten games. Watson had a monster day against the Dallas Cowboys so maybe he can redeem this draft, but for a team with an aging quarterback, betting on a rookie wide receiver to build chemistry with someone who is notorious for not building chemistry with young receivers is a very bold strategy. Zach Tom in the fourth round was a nice pick, but not much else can save this draft class.

Then the contracts. Resigning Aaron Jones for big money while trading away Davante Adams after being too hesitant to pay him is just bad business. Given the trend of moves they made, they should have traded Aaron Rodgers and gotten at least the Russell Wilson package. But the Packers have made this bed and must lie in it with Gutekunst in charge. He’s driven this team in a downward spiral while wasting away two very elite years of Aaron Rodgers.