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WGS Program Releases “Unapologetically Black” Podcast Episode

The Women’s and Gender Studies program at Merrimack recently released an episode of the Living Out Loud: Storytelling for Social Change podcast: “Unapologetically Black: A Dialogue on Blackness and the U.S. Census.”

This episode, featuring library Gabby Womack, graduate student Tiana Lawrence, and Dr. Debra Michals—an Assistant Professor at Merrimack College—looks at the controversial history of the U.S. Census.

More specifically, “Unapologetically Black” looks at 1930s changes to Census categories, which “had an impact on how people of color were counted, as well as the complicated history of “passing” and the experience of being black in the US.”

WGS launched “Living Out Loud” last April. Episodes cover a range of issues, including Covid-19, men’s mental health, and discussions with WGS alums.

All episodes can be streamed at Living Out Loud’s PodBean.