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Weekly Bri: How To Stay Sane During The Holiday Season

Bri Alberghini ‘21


The holidays can be a very stressful time. Add a pandemic on top of that, and the holidays may be even more stressful. Many are facing the dilemma of whether to have loved one’s over for holiday gatherings, struggling to stay healthy, or are unable to purchase Christmas presents due to losing their jobs. All of these struggles can impact your mental health, but taking care of yourself, especially during the holiday season, is a must. 

Here are the best ways to stay sane during the holidays and keep your mental health at bay:

  1. Keep your normal routine. During the holiday season you may stay up later than usual trying to get everything done. Try your best to keep the same routine you previously had to ensure that you don’t get run-down. 
  2. Make self-care a priority. Buying gifts for others is always an awesome thing, but don’t forget to buy yourself some time and take a long bath or get a quick workout in. 
  3. Set realistic expectations. Go into the holidays with a plan of what you need to get done, so you aren’t stressing yourself out with unrealistic goals. For example, needing to buy gifts for a certain person, wrapping presents, planning Christmas dinner, decorating your house, room, etc. 
  4. Set a budget. Christmas is great and all, but don’t go broke buying gifts for others! Set a budget for each person you need to buy a gift for and stick to it. It may be hard, but your wallet will be happy. If you can create something yourself that’s even better – for example, make some cookies or a handmade gift. Plus, it’s the thought that counts!
  5. Don’t be afraid to stay no. Some may not feel comfortable spending the holidays with their loved ones this year, and that is totally fine. If you are invited somewhere this year, or you are being pressured to have people over and don’t feel comfortable, communicate that! 

This semester was nothing short of draining, and we all deserve a good re-charge. Take this time to take care of yourself. Happy holidays to you all!