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Karley Rhuda 

Staff  Writer ‘25

    We all know eating balanced meals are important, and have been taught the MyPlate guide since we were little. Therefore, we are somewhat familiar with portion sizes. However, the MyPlate model tends to be outdated nowadays as fats are completely cut out of the picture as  the health and nutrition world is always changing. So, what does a balanced meal look like exactly? Here is the general rule of thumb: Your palm should be the amount of protein you have on your plate. Some good options include fish, grilled chicken, and eggs. The size of your fist should be the amount of veggies you have, and a “cupped” hand should be your carbs. Lastly, a single thumb should be your fat. However, these should be healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and avocado. I know when I’m at Sparky’s and have the freedom of putting whatever I want and how much I want on my plate, it can get kind of hard to decipher my portions. Although, I try to remember this general rule so I’m eating as balanced as possible while away at school.