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The Archers are Crowned the 2023 PLL Cash App Championship Winners

Sean Mahon

Editor in Chief

Today, the number one ranked Archers Lacrosse Club defeated the number three ranked and defending champions Waterdogs Lacrosse Club in the 2023 Premier Lacrosse League Cash App Championship. This was an action-packed game where, in the last two minutes and one second of the first quarter, the Archers dominated with possessions and scored four points, making the score at the end of the quarter Archers: 5, Waterdogs: 2. The Archers continued their lead over the Waterdogs into the second quarter, where Grant Ament, Matt Moore, and Tom Schreiber scored three points in the first two minutes and forty-two seconds in the quarter, making the score Archers: 8, Waterdogs: 2. Both teams continued to respond to each others goals and the Waterdogs closed the point gap to Archers: 10, Waterdogs: 7 at the end of the quarter. The third quarter had the same “dog fight” feeling as the second quarter and the Waterdogs made their move to make the score Waterdogs: 11, Archers: 12 going into the fourth quarter. Zach Currier of the Waterdogs tied the game with nine minutes thirteen seconds left in the fourth quarter. The archers then responded with two points, followed by the Waterdogs scoring two points to tie the game with four minutes and thirty-three seconds left in the game. With one minute and thirty-seven seconds left in the game, Tom Schreiber of the Archers scored, regaining the lead for the Archers and bringing the score to Archers: 13, Waterdogs: 12. The Waterdogs fought hard in the last one minute and thirty seconds but the Archers goalie, Brett Dobson, locked their offense down to secure the 2023 PLL Cashapp Championship Win for the Archers Lacrosse Club.