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New KiwiBot System

Erin Flynn

Beginning this upcoming Fall 2022 academic semester, Merrimack College announced that they were once again partnering with Sodexo, a food and facilities management company, and bringing the new Kiwibot technology to campus.

Merrimack College has had an extensive relationship with Sodexo, so it comes as no surprise that they are continuing to take advantage of the new technology and services that Sodexo offers, including the delivery system of Kiwibot’s.

The Kiwibot delivery system is the largest robotic delivery network created, and continues to grow to college campuses all across the country. They utilize newfound technology which meets the demand of a quick and easy delivery service for college students. Kiwibot Chief Operating Officer Diego Varela Prada stated: “Additionally, university campuses provide an advantage as they tend to be a more controlled environment than public streets in regards to things such as

public infrastructure complexity and car traffic and congestion.” In regards to that statement, Kiwibots are typically designed for the layout of a college campus, creating an easier delivery service for students without emptying their wallets.

As of recently on the Merrimack College campus, Kiwibot has been actively participating in a giveaway program on campus.This giveaway has promoted the Kiwibots giving them more exposure across the Merrimack College campus. Offered in this giveaway products range from simple snacks like Smartfood and Rice Crispy Treats to Kiwibot sponsored products which include a Kiwibot T-Shirt, Kiwibot Hat, Kiwibot socks, and a Kiwibot plush toy. In each delivery you may choose one specific item to order, and that item will be delivered as well as another surprise item or some snacks and candy.

Kiwibot is extending their services to Merrimack College students in order to push students to download the app and familiarize themselves with the delivery services they offer. In hopes of giving away free products to students, in the future students will order from the Kiwibot delivery service more often. On the giveaway form it states: “Hi beloved customer, we’re glad you found us! Christmas is coming, and we’re feeling the joy of giving gifts to the lovely Merrimack student community! Feel free to order anything, anytime, anywhere and as much as you want for free” (Kiwibot Giveaway Google Form). Doing the giveaway across the Merrimack College campus is helping the spread of Kiwibot’s brand awareness to the community.

On the Merrimack College campus Kiwibot allows students to order food from campus and have it delivered to them in twenty-five minutes or less. The delivery charge is lower than most other delivery apps and includes no direct delivery contact with another person or delivery driver. To order from this service first you have to download the Everyday app, then sign up, then register for Merrimack College, and then you are ready for your first order!

With the Kiwibot giveaway lasting up until November 23rd of this year, Merrimack College students are encouraged to order whatever and however much free of charge products they want daily. One student who is taking advantage of the Kiwibot giveaway is Merrimack College senior, Mandi Miller. When asked about her experiences with the Kiwibot delivery services

Miller stated: “I think it is a really useful and convenient way for students to get the services they need and it is really quick and easy to manage! I have loved getting free products from this giveaway and will continue to order more products. I have already worn my Kiwibot T-shirt that I ordered!”

With only two more days left in the giveaway it is highly encouraged that students take advantage of this giveaway and get some free products before it is too late.Overall with the new Kiwibot system in place, it has been reflected to be a success thus far throughout the Merrimack College community. With the implantation of this new technology on campus it creates accommodations for students as well as a safer and less expensive delivery service to campuses across the U.S.

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