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NBA Forecast 4/3/22

Richie DiMarzo


Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks have been a red hot team led by All Star Luka Doncic and they look to be very scary with the playoffs approaching. They put together three wins this week and they have all been hard fought and dominant. The Mavericks have been clicking so well and an amazing three game streak of 30+ point games from Luka Doncic. This is a team to definitely look out for coming into the playoffs.

Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks have been on absolute fire recently and Trae Young has been playing out of his mind. The Hawks are a team everyone could see making noise, as they seem to be getting hot at the right time with a flawless four win week. Trae Young had an outstanding 41 point game followed with two 30+ point games; Young has been on another level. Watch out for the Hawks to stay hot, as they make a push to the playoffs.

Toronto Raptors: The Raptors have been flying under the radar by putting up solid numbers in their recent stretch of games. Pascal Siakam has been on fire lately with a 40 point performance against the Boston Celtics ending their big win streak. The Raptors have great depth on their team and can be the recipe to win in the playoffs and I think we can see them win games and get on a hot streak as the regular season comes to a close.


Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers have been nothing more than disappointing this season and have proven that they are not a great team time and time again. They went winless this week including a loss where all three stars Anthony Davis, Lebron James, and Russel Westbrook played and they still couldn’t put together a win. This whole team is just out of sync with each other and the chemistry isn’t there at all. The Lakers better turn it around fast because time is not on their side.

Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers are a great team, but they definitely hit some bumps in the road this week and it has been rough. They recorded three losses this week and it hasn’t been pretty. Their new star James Harden was being criticized by coach Doc Rivers in the media after being asked about their losses and honestly, it has been a mess. With the playoffs around the corner they are going to have to figure something out.

Orlando Magic: The Magic are a team we have seen at the bottom of the barrel all season and honestly they are just a young team. They have shown flashes of young talent, but they just aren’t at a playoff contender level by any means. They recorded three losses this week and we can see them expecting a lottery draft pick for next year. Overall they can’t do much, but hopefully they can string some wins together to end the season on a high note heading into the off-season.