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Richard DiMarzo


Memphis Grizzlies: Now this team has been on absolute fire catching three wins this week and it has all been done without their All Star Ja Morant. This team has come together and they have been clicking on a whole other level and they can not be stopped. Players like Desmond Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr. have been stepping up and this is something for Grizzlies fans to be excited for and look forward to as the season is coming to a close.

Boston Celtics: The Boston Celtics have quite literally been the hottest team in the NBA with four wins this week and they haven’t been able to be touched. The combination of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum has been off the charts and overall their new coach Ike Udoka has done an amazing job. They also have been playing the best defense in the league as well and with the scoring power of Jayson Tatum who has been averaging 27 points per game has been absolutely unfair.

Phoenix Suns: The Suns just clinched the number one seed with their 60th win on the season and they have just been dominant all season. Devin Booker has been playing at the highest level where he scored 31 points and then 49 points later in the week. The return of Chris Paul has been huge for them as well and I am anticipating this powerhouse to make a run to the NBA Finals in the playoffs.


Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavs have put together a respectable season, but they had a rough week with three losses. Now nobody has really stepped up for this team like usual as players Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen are the main guys of this team. Now I think Cleveland will be alright, but going into the playoffs this week will definitely take a toll on their seeding. The Cavaliers will definitely have to turn it around as soon as possible.

Miami Heat: The Miami Heat are currently first in the East, but this week they have gone through a dreadful four game losing streak where they are now opening the door for other teams to take their number one seed. The Heat have had some injuries, but all around they have not been playing great basketball. The Heat are going to have to figure something out because this is the wrong time to go on a cold streak with the playoffs around the corner.

Utah Jazz: The Jazz have been pretty inconsistent this season and this week they went on a three game losing streak. Now plays like Donovan Mitchell have been putting up numbers, but they haven’t been able to put together any wins. They are going to be in trouble in the playoffs if they can’t find some momentum heading to the end of the season. The bench needs to help out and I think that will be the key to their success.