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Light and Hope

Rebecca Needleman ‘23

Co-Editor in Chief + Staff Writer

On Monday, November 28, 2022, Merrimack College held their annual “Light and Hope” Celebration on campus. This celebration gives students, faculty, staff and the community an opportunity to embrace the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season with an evening of fun activities.

The celebration began around 5:30 P.M. between the Deegan East and West freshmen dorm buildings, with a tree lighting ceremony done by President Chistopher E. Hopey. The festivities then continued in the Merrimack College Athletic Complex. Novelty activities in the lobby included: snow globes, stocking decorating and mug making. Individuals then had a chance to go ice skating in Lawler Rink with their peers. The celebration also moved into the Hall of Fame with catering by Sodexo serving holiday treats and sweets, performances by the Merrimack College Jazz Band and conversing among the community.

Light and Hope is a Merrimack College tradition that truly brings together the campus community by spreading holiday cheer, enjoying one another’s company and upholding our campus’s Augistinian values.