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TKE in a Box

Sophie Long ’23

Co-Editor in Chief/ Staff Writer

If you walk by the Sak anytime this week, you will see a large tent set up with a handful of people outside it. What you are seeing is the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon raising money for The Lazarus House. The Lazarus House is a nonprofit organization that provides safe shelter, food, and a wide array of support sources for men, women, and children in need. TKE in a Box has been a long standing tradition here at Merrimack College since 1996. The box is occupied 24/7 from Sunday night until Friday afternoon, that includes overnight. Around 6 members at a time spend a night in the box, with as many members as possible participating. Their goal is not to impersonate the homeless but to spread awareness of the homelessness population that surrounds us. 

For President, Cole McGhie, this is his fourth year participating in TKE in a box. He says that they “know it is better than what most homeless people have going for them, but taking this extra step is going to put us in a position where we might begin to spread awareness and begin to understand a fraction of what they are going through.” Last year, through fundraising they were able to raise over $2600 and this year they have a goal of raising over $4000, all of which is donated straight to the Lazarus House! 

Make sure to stop by and chat with those outside the box and hear why they participate in TKE in a Box! 

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