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Have You Considered Graduate School at Merrimack College? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Kat Lawrence

Master’s degrees have become more of a necessity than ever in many workplaces which causes many upperclassmen to think about what their next step after college is. Students can walk away with their undergraduate degrees or they can choose to further their education in hopes it will benefit their professional future.

Merrimack College, like many universities across the country, offers a graduate program. Part of this program is the Double Warrior which applies to all undergraduate students here at Merrimack. The Double Warrior program allows previous Merrimack students to come back and receive a masters degree in a year or more at a discounted price. According to the Merrimack College website Merrimack graduates save up to 33% on masters degree tuition, no matter when you graduated or if you earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Merrimack.

The Merrimack College website offers a quote from a former Double Warrior participant, Sarah Bourouphael. She says, “I had such a valuable undergraduate experience at Merrimack. So when I needed a more concrete business education to help me unlock additional opportunities in my career development, I trusted the College’s graduate programs without hesitation.”

As a Merrimack senior, you have the option to take two free graduate courses if you plan on getting a master’s degree, and joining the graduate program. The Double Warrior scholarship rate will still be applied for your remaining graduate credits should you enroll in a master’s degree program. This helps you get a head start on getting a master’s degree and boosting your earning potential sooner according to Merrimack’s website on the Double Warrior program. At this time, the following graduate programs do not have any graduate courses available to undergraduate seniors: Athletic Training; and Nutrition and Human Performance.

Senior Matt Jenkins has begun his Double Warrior program by taking the two free graduate classes his first semester of senior year. He says, “The Double Warrior program allows you to get your master’s degree in a quicker amount of time and it also opens you up to new opportunities within a year after graduating college. Also, you will never regret choosing to get your master’s degree”.

As for the Juniors at Merrimack College potentially thinking about participating in the graduate program, the Merrimack website suggests a few tips. If you have any interest in the program you should start exploring the graduate degrees and determine which interests you or which is right for you. You should also speak with your advisor to understand which courses in your remaining undergraduate semesters can best prepare you for your graduate program of interest. Having an early start to thinking about your future will benefit you down the road when the time comes for graduate school.

There are two different options for your graduate future here at Merrimack. You can work towards a graduate degree or a graduate certificate. According to the website, graduate certificate programs do not qualify for the Double Warrior scholarship, and some graduate degree programs may not offer all benefits. Fellowships cannot be combined with the Double Warrior scholarship or the Dean Scholarship. Additionally, owing to their already discounted tuition, all online master of education (M.Ed.) programs, the online Master of Public Administration and Affairs, online Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and online Master of Science in Computer Science are not eligible for the Double Warrior scholarship.

When it comes to applying for the Double Warrior graduate program, there are many things you need for a solid application. According to the Merrimack website, you will need your complete online application, official college transcripts, resume, and personal statement. Along with recommendations, essays (required by fellowships and some graduate programs), standardized tests (optional), and interviews (required by some graduate programs, including fellowships and assistantships).

The Merrimack website shares some potential benefits to receiving either a master’s degree or a graduate certificate. Their exceptional fellowships will give a student hands-on education with real-world professionals that will emerge them into the workforce of their choice. The attentive faculty will build one-on-one relationships with you where they will actively promote your career development and success. Community involvement will also benefit you by allowing you to network and form relationships with both classmates and professionals in your field. The programs are also flexible and convenient considering you can choose to do an accelerated one-year format or take more time if it better fits your schedule.

To learn more about Merrimack College’s graduate and Double Warrior programs you can visit merrimack.edu and search Double Warrior. There you can find all this information as well as all the programs they offer. You can also contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at graduate@merrimack.edu.

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