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Five Spring 2023 Anime to Watch

Cole Cameron ‘23

Spring has officially sprung, and with the changing of the leaves comes a brand new slate of anime ready to arrive. Right now, we are already a couple weeks into the Spring 2023 anime season, but it is a better time than ever for a quick guide on what is coming out this season. There are a lot of new anime and there sure is something for everyone. Now, without further ado, here are my most anticipated anime for the season.

  1. Hell’s Paradise 

Hell’s Paradise is a new anime from studio MAPPA, the studio responsible for the final season of Attack on Titan and JuJitsu Kaisen. Hell’s Paradise is about a band of strong criminals in the Edo period of Japan who have been given an ultimatum: be executed or be sent to a strange island full of monsters and horrors. This expedition’s purpose is to uncover a supposed fountain of youth. A pardon will be granted to the survivors who obtain the magical fountain.

  1. Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko will certainly be an anime to look out for this season. The new anime is about a pop star idol, Ai Hoshino, who becomes pregnant. One of Ai’s biggest fans, Gorou, is also her gynecologist. In a twist of fate, Gorou becomes reborn as Ai’s child. What ensues is a drama about the nature of the music industry. 

  1. Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion

After just being accepted into college, Park Eunha dies and wakes up as ‘nouveau riche’ royalty in the world of one of her favorite novels. The problem is that it’s a murder mystery novel; and her character that she was reincarnated as, Raeliana McMillan, is the one who will end up getting killed. To stop her fated demise, Raeliana has to balance her political knowledge of the world and a faux relationship with the Duke in order to uncover the web of conspiracies that will eventually lead to her murder. 

  1. Skip and Loafer

Skip and Loafer is about a first year high schooler trying to find her place in the big city. From a small country town, a girl named Iwakura Mitsumi who was valedictorian of her middle school class, chooses to leave her nest and attend a prestigious high school in Tokyo. She had in mind the ‘perfect’ high school experience, but that gets flipped upside down on day one as she has to adjust to city life and navigate the challenge of making brand new friends. 

  1. My Home Hero

Last on the list is My Home Hero. Tetsuo Tosu is just an average middle-aged office worker. When visiting her daughter, named Reika, who is in college, he learns that she has a new boyfriend. However, her boyfriend is abusive and is involved with the yakuza, a crime syndicate that is using her for extortion. After killing the boyfriend, Tetsuo and his wife have to do whatever it takes to protect their daughter from the yakuza.

Honorable Mentions: Of course, there are a lot of anime that just couldn’t make the list. Both Mashle and A Galaxy Next Door look promising. And, of course, there are a lot of anime returning for sequels and spinoffs including KonoSuba, Dr. Stone, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and Demon Slayer.