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Film Festival

Writer Margaux Lestage 

Film Festival 

The annual film festival hosted by the film club is happening on Thursday, April 20th at 4 pm in Mcquade Auditorium. This festival is for students to showcase their films. 

This year we have five films. With over eight students participating in this event. The film’s names are Finals et al, Intolerance, How to Brush Your Teeth, The Final Braddle, and A Day in the Life of a Spud. Come walk the red carpet and support your fellow warriors in their hard work of filming, editing, and producing these films. 

During the event, there will be a popcorn bar, an area to take fun photos with friends, and trivia. We watch all the films submitted and afterwards the audience will be able to vote on their favorite film. There will be prizes for the top three winners. 

It is a fun event and a nice break from schoolwork to watch student films. So lights, camera, film festival.