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Karley Rhuda

Who doesn’t love carbs? Pasta, bread, cookies? I know I do. Believe it or not, these forms of carbs are actually not the best for us. These are known as “simple carbs.” Simple carbs provide quick energy, but don’t keep us full for long. So it might taste good and you might be full in the moment, but about 30 minutes later you’ll most likely be hungry again, leading to more eating. However, there are “complex carbs,” which are what give us long term energy, and where we should be getting most of our carbs in the first place. Complex carbs consist of things like: brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats, bananas, and whole grain pastas and breads. So, next time you’re at the beloved Sparky’s, try to look for more complex carbs so that you’ll be full for longer, and feel better in the long run.