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NUTRITION TIP: Processed vs. Unprocessed Foods

Karley Rhuda '25
Staff Writer

I’m sure all of us have heard about processed and unprocessed foods, but many of us might not know exactly what that means. Usually, we just get told from a young age that processed foods are bad and that we should stay away from them, but what exactly makes them so bad? Well, let’s start off by understanding what processed foods really are. Processed foods are foods that are taken out of their natural form and turned into something else. For example, natural and raw grains get grinded up to make flour. This may not sound like such a huge deal, but when all different types of foods get processed, loads of sugar, salt, and extra fat are added in, in order to make them taste better. Some examples of highly processed foods are: cheese, breads, breakfast cereals, and pastries. On the other hand, unprocessed foods are obviously much better for us, as they stay in their natural state. Nothing bad is added to them in order to make them more appealing. Some unprocessed foods include: veggies, fruits, meat, eggs, and legumes. So, the main takeaway is that processed foods are generally seen as bad since they have a lot of things in them that aren’t very good for the body. However, everything is just fine in moderation, but unprocessed foods should be the ones that we are eating primarily.