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Russell Wilson Is Cooked – Can He Rebound?

Scott Logush

Sports Editor

I’m not sure what happened to Russell Wilson, but he’s cooked. Wilson has officially dropped down from the elite quarterback tier to the Kirk Cousins tier, and it looks like that’s where he’s going to stay.

After Wilson hurt his finger on his throwing hand last season, his return was shakey at best. In his final five games as a Seahawks he had 11 touchdowns and two interceptions, now after his first five games as a member of the Denver Broncos Wilson has four touchdowns and three interceptions, that’s a major cause for concern.

The Broncos are tied to Russell Wilson until at least the 2026 season. He’s under contract through 2028, but I don’t think the Broncos will want to keep him around that long given how the 2022 season has started. Wilson hasn’t been bad, but he hasn’t been worth what it cost to get him, or what his contract will become in a couple of seasons.

You give up that amount of draft capital to get a true franchise changer, Wilson hasn’t been that for Denver. But can that change?

Wilson’s playstyle this season has been very much a first-read then scramble style. If that first read isn’t open, the play tends to end poorly. The Broncos have converted four of 42 3rd & 7 or longer situations, including 0-11 against the Colts on Thursday.

Whether Russ rebounds is a mystery. Can he change the way he’s playing in the middle of the season? I doubt it, maybe he can turn it around in the offseason but it will be a struggle watching the Broncos this season.

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