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Painful to Watch – 2023 NFL Week Nine Takeaways

2023 NFL Week Nine Takeaways

Scott Logush


Back after taking some time off, week nine of the NFL was a fun one, especially for me as I got to see the New England Patriots disappoint against the Washington Commanders live. Overall, a fun weekend of football, with rookies showing some promise, and the Josh Dobbs story.

The Good

Have a Day CJ Stroud

CJ Stroud continues to impress as a rookie, this time he won an absolute shootout against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while clearly being the guy the entire way through. Houston had no ground game at all, with their leading rusher being Devin Singletary with 26 yards, on 13 carries. Tank Dell led the team through the air with two touchdown catches, Noah Brown had 153 receiving yards to lead the team and Dalton Schultz led the team with ten receptions. Overall, Stroud was incredible and has been all year.

The Bad

New England Can’t Catch a Break

The only position group that gives this offense a chance is their offensive line, and even that’s not a world-beater. The receiver group continues to be not just a problem, but the problem. Mac Jones played a strong game, but the receivers cost him on multiple occasions. In the second half, he launched a deep ball on target that would have either been a walk-in touchdown or set up New England in the red zone. Instead, it bounced off the receiver’s hands and fell incomplete. During New England’s final drive to try and tie the game down 20-17, Jones took another shot and the ball bounced off his receiver’s hands and into the arms of a Commander to end the game. Jones has been far from perfect, and even awful at times this season. However, he never had a chance to succeed with this position group whose deficiencies stem from Belichick’s clinic of desperation in the 2020 offseason.

The Incredible

Josh Dobbs Welcome to Minnesota!

I had to replace the ugly with the incredible because of how awesome this Josh Dobbs story is. Fresh off of a trade, having not practiced with his receivers and having to go through his cadence with his offensive line on the sidelines before going in is incredibly difficult. Then to lead a fourth-quarter game-winning drive on the road has to be one of the most improbable performances in recent memory.

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