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October 2022 Merrimack College Police log

Presented by Andrew Daume and Olivia Piazza 

MCTV x The Beacon Police Log


  •  Viewed a female climbing a tree on loading dock camera.
  • Officer out with several students knocking over cones by Library.
  • Officer reports a car with a flat tire on Walsh Way, driver hit the curbing.


  • Officer found port o potty’s at ash and deegan west pushed over.


  • Student requests a ride from Andover landing to North Res. Bus did not come.


  • Student van driver called to report that the van had been in an accident on the highway in Weston Mass.


  • Officer went to the first floor west wing of Monican for a shattered window in the bathroom.


  • Dispatch was notified of a fire alarm at a resident’s hall. NAFD and officers responded and found no smoke or fire. Nothing was found to have set the alarm off so it was reset and units cleared.
  • ( ^30 minutes later ) Dispatch was notified of another fire alarm at a res hall. Officers responded and found no smoke or fire. Nothing was found, again, to have set the alarm off but it was found that the smoke detector was faulty. NAFD reset the alarm and facilities will be fixing the issue.


  • Property protection called to report a fire alarm. NAFD and officers responded and found no smoke or fire. It was found that a sprinkler was tampered with and will not allow the alarm to reset. Facilities will be taking care of the issue.
  • Student called to report a fire alarm and reported it was due to them burning some food on accident. AFD and officers responded and confirmed that it was due to the burnt food.
  • Dispatch was notified of a fire alarm at a resident’s hall. AFD and Officers responded and found the cause of the alarm to be from steam that was coming off of a shower. Alarm was reset and no other issues were found.


  • Resident student came in with his father to file a report about being extorted online for money.
  • Andover resident called to report that every 5-10 minutes a car alarm keeps going off at Andover landing.


  • Two individuals were reported to be fighting outside of a resident’s hall. Officers responded and found one individual that was injured. AFD responded and transported that individual.


  • Dispatch was notified of the fire alarm. Officers responded along with AFD. It was found that a student had burnt some food which set the alarm off. AFD reset the alarm.


  • Student stating that they had recently received a COVID booster and was not feeling well.


  • Van was returned with a driver’s side cracked mirror, ““unknown””” as to how it happened.


  • Officer is out on Quad with an alcohol assessment. Requests Andover ambulance for assessment. Student transported to LGH.
  • Received call from Nursing Elevator. No one on the other end.


  • Student called reporting loud noise from the lobby of Monican. 
  • Subject reports damage to a street sign up near an exit. Sgt will be checking on the damage.


  • The blue light at the Mejail rang in at dispatch 3 times without anyone on the other end of the line.


  • CSO reports Sodexo employee, driving, hit the gas instead of the break and jumped the cement block in LOT C.
  • Employee called reporting car is currently parked in Dean’s parking space outside of AH.


  • Officer reported damage to the 2nd floor, North Hall of O’Brien; cans, bottles, window broken, celing tiles damaged, etc.


  • student called to report someone on four legs charging at students in front of SAK
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