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New Club Spotlight: Merrimack College Photography Club

Sean Mahon

Sports Editor and Photographer

The newest club at Merrimack College is the Merrimack College Photography Club. The club will be hosting their first meeting on Monday, January 30, 2023 at 6:00PM in the Mac Lab located in Cushing Hall. 

The purpose of the Merrimack College Photography Club is to: 

  • Establish a community of students of Merrimack College who share an interest in photography, videography, and other forms of content creation.
  • To provide members opportunities to learn and share skills and knowledge of photography.
  • To provide a space for members to network with fellow students and professionals. 
  • To provide members with opportunities to build their portfolios and gain professional experience

Co-Founders and current Vice-President Mackenzie Reynolds ‘24 and Secretary Julia Watson ‘25 wanted to create an organization for Merrimack College students with a similar interest in photography, videography, and content creation and to provide students with the necessary resources to learn and grow both as hobbyists and professionals. 

Mackenzie: “I wanted to become a member of the photography club because I wanted to join a club where I could pursue my passion for photography and to develop my portfolio. I wanted to meet more like minded individuals at Merrimack College who share my love for photography.”

Julia: “I wanted to be a part of the photography club because it offers me the opportunity to get together and collaborate with other students who share my interest in photography. It also gives me the opportunity to improve my craft by allowing me the chance to learn from others.”

The club hopes to partner with other student organizations, Merrimack Athletics, and Merrimack College administration to provide photography and videography needs while simultaneously assisting students with building their portfolios and growing their network.

The club will meet every Monday at 6:00PM in the Mac Lab in Cushing Hall. Feel free to follow them at @merrimackphotos and stop by during one of their meetings.