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NBA FORECAST: Week of March 6th

NBA Hot Streaks

Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks accumulated an impressive four wins this week and have been on fire lately. They have overall been led by the all star himself Luka Doncic with a 41 point performance and another game where he scored 34. Also efforts from Spencer Dinwiddie have been noticed and this team has looked scary. With the season going into the second half the Mavericks are not a team to play around with and they can definitely make some noise.

Minnesota Timberwolves: The Timberwolves also put together a fourth win performance this week and they have been clicking out of this world. The Timberwolves have so much talent and they are really putting it together this season. Karl Anthony-Towns has been on fire dropping 39 and 36 points in separate games and he is showing he is a top big man in this league. With the combination of him and D’Angelo Russell this team is going to be extremely hard to stop.

Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers have been absolutely thriving ever since the new addition of James Harden and personally I think they are the best team in the NBA right now. A three headed monster is being brewed in Philadelphia with Embiid, Maxey and Harden all playing at a super high level and I think they are putting the league on watch right now. Come playoff time I don’t think anybody is going to want to see them.

NBA Cold Streaks

Golden State Warriors: The Warriors have had a rough week to say the least tallying a total of four losses this week. The crazy thing is, Curry has been balling with multiple productive nights they have just not been able to seal the deal. The Warriors will be fine, we all know that, but as a fan you definitely do not love the basketball you are seeing out of this team right now. Players other than Curry are going to have to step up and produce if they want to win.

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers have been a mess lately after tallying three losses this week. Lebron has been putting up huge numbers, but they haven’t been enough to get the Lakers into that win column. The Lakers have been a dumpster fire lately through the media and overall just not performing and if they want to see the payoffs they are going to have to turn it around as soon as possible.

Houston Rockets: The Rockets have been a bottom team all season, so not a crazy surprise to see them here after losing four games this week. They have just been outplayed in every outing and they are searching for a way to find the win column. Nobody has really stepped up for the Rockets besides Christian Wood, but his efforts aren’t enough to win games. The Rockets will definitely have to make some changes and figure something out.