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Four Companies Who Offer Certifications That Can Improve Your Resume

Sean Mahon

Sports Editor and Photographer

As a college student, something that might set you apart from the competition in a job or internship application process is education more specifically certifications for your specific industry. Many certifications you can find online are either expensive or if they are free they don’t provide enough value as a certification. These four companies have changed that by offering free certifications for customers to complete. 

The first company is HubSpot Academy which is an online academic program that provides courses and certificates that are 100% free and includes hundreds of topics including marketing, sales, service, web design, data privacy, and more. Some of the specific courses offered on their website are: 

  • Social Media Marketing Certification
  • Revenue Operations Certification
  • HubSpot CMS for Developers Certification 

The second company is LinkedIn Learning is an online education provider that offers over sixteen thousand expert led video courses. Something that is unique with LinkedIn Learning is that since it is connected to your LinkedIn account it will provide suggestions for courses based on your profile information which can help you improve the skills you have or need for your career. 

Third is Front Office Sports Learning who is an athletics based education site that offers sports related certificates to help students and professionals learn about the ever changing landscape of the industry. Some of the courses they currently offer on their website are:

  • Metaverse Essentials: Building the Future 
  • Crypto in Sports Essentials 
  • Modern Ticketing Essentials: Beyond the Ticket 
  • Sports Marketing Essentials 
  • Athlete Marketing Essentials: NIL Certification

Finally there are also many opportunities on Merrimack College’s campus to earn certifications that can help you grow in different subject areas. Some of these include the Bloomberg Marketing Concepts Certification, the Professional Communication: Professional Development Retreat certification, the Diversity Awareness Training Certification, and more. If you have questions on where to find these certifications offered at Merrimack please reach out to the respective departments relating to the certification course or you can find more information on the Merrimack College website.