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Entrepreneurship Lab Inspires Merrimack Students

Photo: The outside of the Entrepreneurship lab in Crowe hall. Photo taken by “ New Entrepreneurship Lab Brings ‘Ideas Space’ to Merrimack College” article by the office of communications October 27th, 2022

By Olivia Haddad

Merrimack college recently introduced a new addition to campus to get student’s creative minds thinking. The entrepreneur lab is located in Crowe hall and is a new place for any student to come and create or think about projects and passions. This lab is set to inspire college students to put their thoughts and ideas into action. Not only is this space a place for students to think but it also goes the extra step to help put those thoughts into action by including resources like a

3D printer and Apple computers and also faculty to help assist students in these matters.

Many classes and even businesses are creating these open spaces for students and professionals to brainstorm and think of useful and creative ideas. This lab aims to do just that and has already had some recent success following the opening on October 18th.

Senior Emily Grace who is a business major with a marketing minor recently learned of the new Entrepreneur lab and was thrilled to see Merrimack college participate in this concept of encouraging students to consider entrepreneurship . Grace said “This lab is very inspirational to many students that it pushes students to dive into their creative side and ideas and now actually have a place to go to do that,”.

Grace shared that in today’s world she feels as though many students or young adults’ goals are to be there on a boss or start a company. Grace herself comes from a family of entrepreneurs and business starters. After learning this new knowledge about this opportunity, Grace said “I hope to attend the entrepreneur lab and propose some new ideas and eventually become an entrepreneur full time after college,”

Along with business students, Merrimack college faculty is also excited about this new addition for students.

In a recent article published by Merrimack Colleges Office of Communications they asked Mark Lippman, assistant professor of practice entrepreneurship and director of the E-lab in the entrepreneurship lab his thoughts regarding the matter. Lippman said “ The E-Lab is a dedicated space for students and faculty to develop and bring new ideas to market,”. As Mark stated in that article it is a place welcoming all of Merrimack students to come and explore.

Other students that are not in the Business school or business majors are also excited about this new oppurtunity. Senior Kelsey Bonheur who is an Exercise science major shared her

thoughts on this. Bonheur said “This concept is very exciting and great for students cause who wouldn’t want to be a business starter and become their own boss,”

Overall this is a great new opportunity for anyone on campus looking to further their ideas. This is a great show of how the Merrimack campus continues to change and evolve with the times as many other student opportunities and resources are developed on campus.

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