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ZTA Drive Raises Cancer Awareness

Lauren Bowers ’15,  Staff Writer

During the month of October, the sorority of Zeta Tau Alpha has been all around campus raising money for breast cancer awareness. By eating large amounts of yogurt, kissing away cancer, and making Strides for Breast Cancer, the sisters of ZTA are doing their part to help educate and work towards a cure for a illness that has affected lives for much too long.

The week of Oct. 14, one of ZTA’s main fundraisers was called Kiss Away Cancer. All week the sororities’ members were on Main Street getting students to buy a $1 pink pair of paper lips. Every pair of lips sold meant one more dollar contributed to the education and awareness of breast cancer.

ZTA took all the lips, organized them on a poster to make the breast cancer symbol, and hung this poster up on Main Street. Because each donor’s name was written on his or her pair of lips, the whole Merrimack community was able to see who among us joined the fight against breast cancer. ZTA’s second fundraiser was its yogurt-eating contest on Oct. 17. At 12:30 p.m. students gathered in the first floor lounge to see who could eat five yogurts the fastest.

The lids of these yogurts would be donated to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure foundation, the biggest contributor to the fight against breast cancer. All participants were encouraged to eat as much as they could because no matter what, all of the lids would be donated to the cause. To do its part in the fight against breast cancer, Sodexo was generous enough to donate both strawberry and vanilla yogurt for the contest. Will Griffin was the winner and went home with a $25 Visa gift card as a reward and thanks for his contribution to the cause.

As a ZTA member and contest participant, Bri Burk was happy to give her time to the cause. “I finished all of my five strawberry yogurts. I didn’t feel 100 percent great afterwards, but I know it was for a really good cause. It was very dairy-ing thing for me to do. Get it? Daring and dairy.” By the end of the week, ZTA raised a total of $83 for Kiss Away Cancer.

They are nothing but appreciative of all those that came out to help their cause. Each year, ZTA promotes breast cancer education and awareness, putting a lot of time and effort into fundraising, especially by participating in Boston walks like the Strides for Breast Cancer Walk and the Race for the Cure. Overall, it can be said that ZTA did its part during this month of October, and the Merrimack community is looking forward to any future fundraisers for this great

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