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You Can’t Park With Us

Courtney Aznavoorian ‘16

Staff Writer

As a lot of you may know, this campus has some issues when it comes to parking. One parking lot that has been causing some frustration for a lot of residents is Lot I, which is located near Hamel Health. This parking lot is for commuter students, visitors, and faculty. The issue? It is close to empty a majority of the time, and the residents are not allowed to park there despite this.

The resident students living in that area feel as though they do not have enough places to park and they want to be able to use this parking lot since it is not being used by anyone else. From a commuter’s point of view, this parking lot is not a convenient location for commuter students because it is too far from the main part of campus especially when time is an issue.

According to Jim Chiavelli, Associate Vice President of Communications, this parking lot will not be this empty next year. With the construction of the new dorms that will be happening next year, a few of the parking lots that we currently have will be gone. In the meantime, residents have lots J and K to park in, and Jim Chiavelli insists that “there is enough parking for every single student that applied for a parking sticker”. He also said that there were fewer residential stickers sold this year, so there should be enough parking for residential students.

A lot more people will be using lot I in the future. But for now? It looks like it will remain how it is. For commuters: if you are driving around campus for an absurd amount of time trying to find a space, lot I will have plenty.


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