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WMCK Radio: An Opportunity for All

Scott Edwards ‘21

Staff Writer


Merrimack’s radio station, WMCK Radio, has officially opened for the 2018-2019 year. The station welcomed 50 new and returning shows this semester. This amount is the second highest in the station’s history, finishing just behind the 2016 spring semester.

These shows fill up 54 hours of air time each week with a variety of programming styles, including 14 sports-based shows.

No matter what a student’s interests are, from politics and music to news and sports, there is a place for them at WMCK. Although the station is located in the Department of Communication and Media, students do not have to be a Communication major to have their voices be heard.
WMCK Radio is seen as an open place of comfort for anyone who has been lucky to be part of the show, according to WMCK General Manager Eric Uhl. “One thing I am looking to improve this year is the sense of community that the station brings, as our door is always open. It’s a foundation when things are tough, provides a sense of security.”

It has helped me make a lot of friends and meet new people on campus which makes transitioning to college a lot easier,” said Ryan Salvaggio, a co-director of sports. Adjusting to college life can be difficult for many, but joining the radio can ease that for anyone.
“Being a part of WMCK is one of the best decisions I have made during so far at Merrimack,” said Cobbina Appiah, a sophomore DJ.
WMCK Radio began in October of 2014 all because of an idea from two 2015 graduates of Merrimack, Lisa Vassallo and Lindsey Goldberg. Vassallo, with the help of faculty, brought the idea to the school in order to give students a chance to broadcast themselves either to gain experience for their future careers or to just have fun. Vassallo made the station her senior capstone goal, which resulted in all students having an opportunity that not all schools offer, making Merrimack even more unique.
WMCK can be listened to from anywhere on Tune In. Interested DJs can submit applications for the spring semester around finals, and can find more information on WMCK’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.