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WMCK Album Review: Trench

Bobby Tolan ‘19

Features Editor

Twenty One Pilots fans can stop holding onto their seats because “Trench” is finally here. It has been over three years since they released their last album, “Blurryface,” and left their fans craving more music. Well, they finally filled the order and have given them something to bump out of their car radio. “Trench” appears to be a type of concept album where the lead singer, Tyler Joseph, plays a character named Clancy that is in some type of dystopian world and is ruled by a dictator named Nico.

The album starts off with a couple of songs explaining the world that they are living in and the horrendous conditions that they are facing. The second song on the album, “Levitate,” explains how Nico and the Niners come for him at night when he is alone and at his weakest. The reason he needs to levitate is that the city that he is trapped in, Dema, is surrounded by tall walls and there is a tunnel that rises up the east wall where he can escape.

When listeners move toward the middle of the album there is a song called “Nico and the Niners.” In the music video for the song, Clancy is rescued by people who formed a resistance group and go by the name banditos. At the end of the video, it shows that they escaped and got away from Nico. I am not entirely sure that he actually leaves Dema, but is just fantasizing about it when he joins the banditos. This is because in the last song on the album, “Leave This City,” he talks about how he is finally going to get out of there.

If you have not had a chance to listen to this album yet my only advice is to believe the hype that you see on the internet and the TV. So, friend, before you start your day, I highly recommend you give “Trench” a listen.