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Winging it in Ash Centre

Karamarie Joyce ’15, Editor in Chief

The Ash Centre was one of the original two dormitories built on Merrimack’s campus. It is home to approximately 300 residents, and nine resident advisors. The residence hall is offered to both freshman and sophomores.

Ash is made up of three wings, North, South and East. When you walk into the Ash Centre the first thing you will see is the indoor fireplace, where many RAs hold floor programs for their residents.

As you enter the residence hall the student study area is visible but not accessible from the lobby; you must take one of the wings and use a side staircase to enter the study area. The study area consists of two quiet rooms, and is filled with desks scattered around the area so students are able to get out of their rooms and get work done, but not have to make the walk across campus to the library.

Ash has two vending machines in the lobby, one of which is refrigerated and stacked with microwavable food such as frozen pizzas, buffalo tenders, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and your favorite ice-cream treats.

The lobby has a ping pong table, and a TV to entertain students as well as a microwave for those students who don’t have one in their dorm.

The North and South Wings of the building are made up of suites that are made up of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a common area. Typically four students reside in these suites, two per bedroom; the four residents share the bathroom and common room area.

The East wing like the North and South, houses two students per bedroom; however, there is no shared common room or bathroom in this wing. There are community bathrooms for the residents on the three floors of this wing, the floors of east are separated by gender due to the shared bathrooms, however the North and South Wings have co-ed floors.

Both double bedrooms and suites are equipped with cable TV and internet capability. Ash has two laundry rooms which are located in the basement of the building next to the sports medicine labs.

Ash is located right next to the Volpe Athletic Center, making it the ideal place to live for student athletes.

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