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Why Are Men Great ‘til They Gotta Be Great?

Brenna Roberts

Associate Sports Editor

“Truth hurts. Needed something more exciting.” 

These lyrics have been pouring out of our car radios all summer, and whether we like the song “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo or not, we’d be lying to ourselves if we deny catching ourselves singing along. 

The anthem that rings out at every Saturday night party is the first line, “Why’re men great ‘til they gotta be great?” (seriously, you can find every girl on any elevated service belting out every word). Whether you’re in a happy, committed relationship or not, whether you stand for what Lizzo preaches or not, you have to respect the catchiness and cultural relevance of the tune. 

Is it the melody and the hard hitting beat of the drum? Or something that we all can relate to on a more personal or deeper level? As college students, most of us have experienced heartbreak once or twice before, and we know the pain and suffering that it causes. Empowering lyrics like “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that bitch” gets our adrenaline pumping.

 Lizzo, who is a plus-sized black woman, exudes strong female power. She is seen performing on stage and in music videos wearing tight-fitting and revealing clothing. In this day in age, with the LGBTQ community and plus-sized models getting more recognition and publicity, many people feel that they can relate to Lizzo and the content in her songs. She gives a more realistic image for women not having to be blonde and skinny, etc. She stands for so much more than just female empowerment, though. She represents a strong and independent woman of color who knows her worth and loves her body. This shows women of color and women in general that they belong, that they’re beautiful, and that they do not need anyone “holding them back” instead of “holding them down.”