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Where Can You Use Your Mack Card?

Teresa Polli ‘16, Staff Writer

In life, there are certain “constants” that we as people all take for granted – like the sun rising every morning, the falling of the leaves every October and the sound of birds chirping before dawn. At Merrimack College, a “constant” on campus is the Mack Card. The Mack Card is a commonplace among all students, faculty and staff members.

A Mack Card is a form of identification that not only gives you access to your resident building, but the gym as well, and can be used as both a library and debit card. Aside from its identification purposes, Mack Cards provide members of the Merrimack Community with meals, and depending on your meal plan, you receive an assigned number of “Mack Points,” which can be used at Sparky’s Dining Hall, Warriors Den, the Merrimack Club, and Zebi’s, located in the library. Furthering its capabilities, Mack Cards are also accepted at off-campus locations. The available locations include: Mr. Takeout Grill and Deli, Bertucci’s, CVS Pharmacy, Panera, King’s Subs and Pizza, Tripoli Pizza and Bakery, Perfecto’s Cafe, Fuddruckers, J and M Subs, Papa Gino’s, and most recently, Pazza Gelato. Available at some other locations are opportunities for students to receive a special discount when using their Mack Cards. For instance, Sunbanque Tanning Salon will deduct $14 dollars off any monthly package, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt where you receive 10% off your purchase, and Zinga, a frozen yogurt shop which offers a 20% discount with any purchase. All of these locations are in the towns of North Andover and Andover and are no longer then 10 minutes away from campus. If you have any  suggestions for potential Mack Card co-ops, please contact Mack Card Manger, Eddie McGee, located on 2nd floor of the library.

Mack Cards are not only convenient, they are very easy to use. Their are many easy ways to add “Mack Bucks” on your Mack Card. These ways include visiting the Mack Office on the second floor of the library and pay with cash, visa or a master card, visiting the Mack Station that is located in the library, and on the second floor of the Sakowich Campus Center. On the Mack Station, you can check your card balance and add money. There is even a new app called “Blackboard Transact”, which allows you to check your balance on dining dollars and Mack Buck balances.

For any further questions regarding your Mack Card, please visit the Mack Card Office, open 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

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