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What’s Trending: Formal

Kristen Lindner ‘15

Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, Formal Season! The rare time when the girls trade their yoga pants for dresses, and guys switch from sweatpants to a tux. Junior Formal was held March 27th at the DiBurro’s Function Facility in Haverhill, Ma. Senior Formal will be held April 25th at The Sheraton Hotel in Boston, Ma.

Member of the junior class Sydney Bowker gave a recap of this year’s junior formal in the interview below.

Q: So Sydney, you went to junior formal, tell us about it. What 3 courses were offered and which was your favorite?

A: We started with sherbet surprisingly at around 8 o’ clock. Then they periodically brought out salads and chicken parm. There were other options for the main course but I’m pretty sure that most people got the chicken parm. They finished the food with a brownie sundae, so I guess there were more than three courses.

Q: You look like the dancing type, did you get your groove on?

A: Of course! We won the dance off so clearly we were the best ones out there.

Q: Did all of your friends go?

A: We all went and brought our sophomore roommates so they could come too. It was better for them because they didn’t know anyone and could make fools out of themselves.

Q: The question we all have been waiting for, did you bring a date?

A: No actually, he couldn’t come because of sports. Actually, most athletes weren’t able to make it for some reason practice or games so we were surprised that we could go.

Q: Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Glad you still had fun! What did your dress look like?

A: I wore a black backless dress with colored jewelry and shoes. To be honest that was pretty much the theme of the night. Everyone was either wearing black or white and went pretty simple.

Q: What was your favorite song that the DJ played?

A: He actually had a few difficulties and wound up taking someone’s IPod to play from. I guess he did well for the circumstances but there were a few questionable songs choices.

Q: So it seems like you had a good time. Would you definitely recommend upcoming juniors to attend the formal?

A: I would say yes, its worth the money to go and we got back at a reasonable time to go out afterword. Plus it’s a meal outside of Sparky’s so that’s a win in itself.

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