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What's the 47?

Skye Stewart ‘17, Staff Writer

47 club

The 47 Lounge, named after Merrimack College’s inaugural year, is the    new cutting-edge space on campus. This spot is located to the right of the arch next to the Deegan West residence hall. Popular among many freshmen and sophomores living in Deegan and Ash Centre, the 47 Lounge hasn’t quite caught up to the rest of the upperclassmen yet.

If you’re not sure exactly what the 47 has to offer, you might want to pay a visit. Upon entering, the dark colors, brick walls, and fire places create a comfortable feel to the relaxing space, complete with large, HD televisions, a projector screen and modern, vibrant furniture. In the far right corner is a brand new kitchen, filled with stainless steel appliances including a stove top oven, dish washer, refrigerator, and microwave oven. The 47 is open to Merrimack students, as long as they have their Mack card available on them to get in. All students are welcome here, whether they are residents or commuters.

While most upperclassmen haven’t caught on to the brand new space on campus, freshmen and sophomores have been using the space to its full advantage. Sophomore Jennifer Rollins spends a lot of time in the 47 and especially loves using the kitchen. She stated that “the 47 has a great change in atmosphere. It’s a very modern and comfortable place to hang out when you want to get away from the boring common rooms in the dorms.”

Although plenty of people spend a lot of time in the 47, it is among one of the quieter spaces on campus. A chalkboard wall in the lounge reads “47+ Things to Do in the Forty-Seven” with ideas like “share a laugh,” “hold a dinner party,” “open mic night,” and “MPB meetings.” These are just a few ideas among many written up on the colorful wall. The 47 will also be home to many school events throughout the year, such as OSI’s event in early September, the “47 Celebration.”

Go check it out!

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