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What's New in Dining?

James Sardella ’15, Staff Writer

As a lot of students may have noticed, there have been some significant changes to campus dining. One notable change is the Global Cuisine Station that has replaced the Wok World station in Sparky’s Place. The Global Cuisine Station offers a rotating menu that alternates between Greek, Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisines on a four-week cycle. The reason behind the implementation of this station is to provide the student body with a station that addresses the desire for variety in the dining hall.

If you’re gluten free or have some sort of food allergy, then odds are you’re familiar with the MyZone station in Sparky’s. Students who utilize this station mentioned that added variety to MyZone would make it a more desirable feature. Since this request, Sparky’s has added Amy’s Frozen Meals to the choices.

Another significant change is the addition of a smoothie bar in the Warrior’s Den. The driving force behind a smoothie bar was the popularity of smoothies offered during events in Sparky’s Place. Recommendations were also made from students who filled out the dining hall surveys. With this kind of feedback, Warrior Whirled was developed and its popularity has skyrocketed since its opening. The station offers a specialty every day and its hours of operation run from lunch until dinner.

Sodexo is also hosting a few events during the month of February. The first event is a Valentine’s dinner for one, two, or a group of friends held in the Merrimack Club on February 12th. Students can sign up on Main Street or stop by the dining office to make reservations for this dinner at the cost of one meal swipe and $8.

The next event, held in Sparky’s place on February 19th is called Create Your Plate. This event is a creative photo contest, allowing students to create a salad containing various fruits and vegetables. The student that uploads a picture of the most creative plate to Pinterest will win a prize.

The last event, Commit To Be Fit, will be held in the MPR on February 27 from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. The event is designed to be a “mini Olympics” with prizes for those who win and free healthy snacks for all who participate.

It appears evident that Sodexo and Sparky’s are making strides to provide a satisfactory dining experience.

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