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What’s going on in SGA?

By Matt Morr ’17

Staff Writer


The Student Government Association (SGA) at Merrimack College is a group of student leaders led by Student Government President Brenna McDonald. The organization focuses on several aspects of the college to make it better for students.

There are eight committees in SGA.  They are the Dining Committee, Public Relations, Information Technology, Finance, Campus Life, Academic Affairs, Residence Life, and Student Organizations.

According to McDonald, “Each of these committees is overseen by a selected person or chairperson.”

Each class also has eight spots. Each of these members decide, vote, and communicate with other students to determine ways in which they can collaborate to improve the college.  

For this school year, SGA has a particular goal that involves showing students what SGA can achieve for the community. “Our main focus this year is to increase our presence on campus and make sure students know that we are a resource for them,” said McDonald.

McDonald also expressed that SGA has put on a few events that students are welcome to participate in. “We have held a few events this year such as Breakfast with SGA in the Sak, a debate viewing night, and tabling for student concerns,” said McDonald. “We had the opportunity to present to the Board of Trustees, as well as to the College’s Senior Leadership Team. We are hoping to continue to have a greater presence both in person and on social media, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter!”

Along with increasing their presence on campus, SGA is working on improving the food in Sparky’s Place. Starting on Nov. 17, Sparky’s will implement “an enhanced grilled cheese bar, Margherita Whole Wheat Pizza, Macaroni & Cheese Bar, Southwest Chicken Salad, and Penne pasta with Freekah Meatballs,” according to junior Andrea Ahearn, who is a member of the Dining Committee. These won’t be daily items, but they will be new frequent additions to the menu.

In addition, senior SGA member Ryan Jenness says the organization is working on many improvements that students should find to their liking.  “There will be new printers implemented across campus soon, IT has been working on enhancing the Wi-Fi, and the housing process will be improved once again for the upcoming housing selection.”  

Jenness also mentioned that they are working to make Royal Crest apartments more desirable for students.  “Because of the influx of students, many future students will need to live there,” said Jenness. “There are many benefits of living there and these will be outlined to make students more informed about the positives.”

SGA meetings are open for all students who are interested in getting more information about what SGA is doing on campus.  Meetings take place at 5:00p.m. every Tuesday.