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What Lies Beneath the McQuade Library

Karamarie Joyce ’15, Editor-in-Chief

You may have read the first edition of The Beacon last semester which featured Kevin Salemme as the most interesting man on campus. In the story, Salemme was referred to as “Merrimack’s own Indiana Jones” the nickname given to him based on all the wild experiences he’s gotten himself into over the years.

When he’s not traveling the world or flying in an airplane above Merrimack trying to get the perfect shot of the whole campus, he spends most of his time in the Media Center. Having worked in the center since the fall of 1984, Salemme has been running and operating the Media Center for 28 years.
Over that extensive period of time, he’s watched the Media center change and expand from the primary uses of film to digital devices, with new software developed to edit both photographs and video on your desktop computer.

The Merrimack College Media Center is located in the basement of the McQuade Library and houses many important pieces of equipment that are avaible to be used by both students and faculty.

When asked what the purpose of the Media Center was Salemme stated “The Media Center’s purpose is to take care of the visual needs of the campus, and that includes both production and visual learning.”

As you enter the Media Center you will be greeted by student workers, whose job is to check out items such as camcorders, projectors, audio recorders, as well as an array of other devices to the Merrimack Community. Students and faculty are able to make this transaction by providing the workers with their Mack cards. The Mack card of the borrower and the barcode on the device lent out are then scanned into the computer database system which keeps track of what is being checked out, and who is currently responsible for it.

Walking past the front desk and further into the Media Center you will see a room containing 8 stationary Mac computers, which can be used by students to complete video projects with editing software such as Final Cut Pro and IMovie, or create posters and edit photographs with Photo Shop.
The last section of the Media Center is dedicated to photo and video production. This area contains studio cameras, backdrops, a green screen, flat screen TV’s, a studio control room, fans, and studio lights of various shades, shapes and sizes. TV Production classes held in this room teach students about the equipment, how to operate it, and collaborate to form Merrimack’s own MCTV.

This area is also used for professional head shots to be taken for faculty, Merrimack clubs and student organizations. It is suggested that students make an appointment with Kevin Salemme to get a professional head shot taken for their Linked-in profiles.
To make an appointment with Kevin to schedule a head shot, or to seek help on a class project using editing software, send him an email at: salemmek@merrimack.edu

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