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What Do You Think About Spring Weekend

Colleen Quinlan ‘15

Staff Writer

“I think it is wack” – Lance Hill ‘15

“Does it even exist this year”- Kadeem Allen ‘15

“It’s going to be blast”- Giuseppe Matarazzo ‘15

“I think it’s the best weekend of all year”- Conor O’Shaughnessy ‘15

“I do not think it should be taken away” – Stan Tisdell ‘15

“We should use that time to focus on our studies” – Maeghan Kelliher ‘15

Everyone out is and socializing and comes together as community” – Jennifer Post ‘15

I heard they are doing something different, so that would be a lot of fun” – Erika Campbell ‘16

“I am excited for all the different events in April” – Lauren Foster ‘15

“I am always excited for Spring Weekend. I am excited to see how different it is going to be this year” – Hannah Williams ‘15

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