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What Do Merrimack Students Think of Trump’s Travel Ban?

By Maggie O’Brien ’17

Staff Writer


“Just because my passport says “American” does not make me any more deserving or any less immigrant than any other. I don’t see how fair it is that Trump can pinpoint certain Muslim countries and leave out the rest. Innocent people are being kept from their families, from safe haven, and from opportunities they earned and that’s not fair at all.” –Naudia Mason ’17


“I think it’s unconstitutional. I think this is kind of forming the narrative of what immigrants come here to do and who they are. Just yesterday, I was listening to a woman speak and she was talking about her experiences. She’s from Peru and started off saying she has two businesses. I was really impressed with her. She was very well spoken and definitely commanded the crowd. She ended the whole thing by saying she was an illegal immigrant and has been for 12 years. Some think of immigrants as lazy and they come here just to take opportunities, but they are people that are very hardworking and want to see this country do better. His ban is not representative of what a lot of Americans think.” –Rosana Urbaez


“I think it’s unconstitutional. I don’t believe people should be excluded because of actions that have happened in the past. This goes against our values as a country and as a nation of immigrants.” Edison Challas ’20