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What Advice Would You Give First Year Students?

Alicia Collins ’21
Arts & Entertainment Editor

This fall semester Merrimack College welcomed its largest freshman class ever with 1,180 students. 55 percent of first-year students identify as female, and 18 percent of the first-year class identify as students of color. 40 students are also the first to major in Merrimack College’s new nursing program.

 Recently, some of the members at the Beacon went around to upperclassmen students on campus and asked them for advice they would give to the current freshman as they begin their journeys at Merrimack College. 

Here is some of the advice they collected : 

Taylor Galusha: “Definitely get involved early on. That was my biggest regret freshman year, not getting involved until sophomore year. Try everything out, try new things, and they will help you find your place here.” 

Evan Bowie: “Get to know your professors really well.” 

Ernest Owoh: “Just go out there and make some friends. That’s it.” 

Sergeant Pepper:“Get involved with as much as you can. Activities, socialize, and make friends. That will also reduce some of the homesickness if you have it. Get around and make friends.”

Yermin: “Focus on the positive side of everything.”  

Zoe Driscoll-Sbar: “Start early on going to class. I know it is tempting to skip because you don’t have someone looking over you and telling you to go to class. Definitely don’t start the habit of skipping classes regularly.” 

Stephanie Wilson: “Take advantage of your professors office hours. They are really helpful and are there for you.”

 Patrick Whyte: “Work hard. Find people in your major and live with them. Study.”