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Wellness Peer Educators Held Spooky Yoga Event

Olivia Faulkner ‘22

Social Media & Marketing Director

Wellness Peer Educators hosted their first event of the year via Zoom on October 5: Spooky Yoga. Wellness Peer Educators have three sub-committees: physical wellness, healthy relationships, and mental wellbeing. The physical wellness committee took the spotlight for this event, with Julia Behm ’21 leading fellow educators and students through a relaxing evening.

Behm created a spooky yoga playlist for those interested in a Halloween-themed experience, while those seeking a more traditional yoga experience could use her slow flow playlist, which were both available on Spotify. 

This event was a great opportunity for students to relax as midterms begin this week, and also lift their spirits with a twist of spooky music. Who doesn’t enjoy some intense yoga to the “Monster Mash”? 

“Overall it was a great event and Julia offered a lot of different poses and great information about each of them. I think her offering both a spooky playlist and a regular relaxation one was a great plus as well,” said junior Lauren Nixdorf, who is a member of the physical wellness committee.

While this was not an easy event to pull off remotely, it was still a success. The goal of Wellness Peer Educators is to teach other students on campus healthy habits while also supporting physical and mental well-being of their peers. The goal is for every attendee to take something available away from each event. 

“Taking an hour to focus on myself and relieve stress was so beneficial to me especially during midterms which can be very stressful!,” said Lead Peer Educator Angela Merullo ‘21. “I also loved the spooky theme which got me excited for the fall season and Halloween!” 

Behm continuously provided breathing exercises as well as specific times to hydrate to ensure physical well-being during the event. Wellness Peer Educators put on a variety of events related to all aspects of well-being each semester, so stay on the lookout for more events!